Piazza Sempione

Logo Piazza Sempione

Piazza Sempione was founded by Marisa Guerrizio and Roberto Monti in 1990. Their intent was to create an exclusive clothing and accessories line for women with a high component of technology combined with Italian sartorial tradition. The immediate result was a collection contemporary in style yet still classic, using only the most refined fabrics and paying extreme attention to comfort and fit.

Piazza Sempione collections, including accessories, are entirely produced in Italy and distributed in the top department stores and boutiques worldwide. Each garment is studied and developed following precise rules related to its specific cut and fit. 

Extensive fabric research is carried out exclusively with important Italian specialized laboratories, where the application of modern technology is used to balance the weight and consistency of all fabrics. Even the most refined are mixed with innovative stretch fibers to further guarantee comfort and fit of the final garment - fundamental attributes of the Piazza Sempione brand.