Loewe Spring-Summer 2015

Nov 10, 2014

Despite the severity of the surroundings (the audience sat on cold concrete plinths), Anderson constructed a collection that revolved around 'softness' and the power of human touch. Gone was the rigidity that has, at times, dominated his personal brand’s collections. Instead, his garments were all carried by certain fluidity – nude suede transformed classic trench coats whilst colourful leather appliqués were stitched like patchwork onto cutout dresses. Prints from the Loewe archives were transferred onto flesh-toned latex, a play on the idea of skin and leather. Backstage Anderson said that today's show "was all about the venue," where the fluidity of the garments stood out against the harness of the show space.

Trousers channeled the spectrum of the rainbow, made in leather and met by martial arts references, they came belted at the waist, Judo style. Meanwhile suede came slashed, patched, spliced, swatched and swathed in earthy landscape hues.

Soft suede, sleek leather, diagonal rib knit, crocodile skin, jagged pleats, raw torn edges and woven surfaces advanced down the rough paved runway whilst guests observed from breeze block seating – the collection a stark contrast to the setting. SS15 was about changing it up, turning things upside down and re-defining the language of Loewe, leaving us on the edge of our concrete seats wondering, what’s next.


Credit: Dazed & Wonderland.

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