Fall Winter 2014 collection from Akris

Aug 21, 2014

This Swiss little engine that could company has grown exponentially during that decade and is now the go to brand for wealthy, sophisticated women who like their luxury to be more personal in nature.

That is except perhaps for the Akris prints. Kriemler started introducing a strong print element into each of his collections in 2006. Way before the rest of the fashion world used advancements in computer software to produce an over abundance of prints that have now saturated the market. Prints are no longer the exception, but the fashion rule these days. And it is rare to see a show without at least one. But somehow the Akris brand has always found a unique perspective to the print idea, and this time the designer didn’t just use one powerful print, he chose seven.

With so many prints that the designer wanted to work into the collection, the imagery on the precision cut ensembles became the central focus of the show. So the blurry images of the terrain of Mars became three, head-to-toe (and handbag) looks that included a beautifully tailored jacket with long half detached lapels or a flowing poplin coat. The green glow of the image of the house shot at night became the background for five outfits that moved from a flowing double faced wool gown to a more abstract embellished interpretation that saw the fabric of a shift dress covered in squares of green sequins, an allusion to the idea of pixilation.

As for the starry night, well that is where Kriemler had a bit of fun. He wove LED lighting into the St. Gallen embroidered designs that closed the show. When the house lights dimmed for the finale, those same ensembles returned to the darkened catwalk to light up the venue with their heavenly light.

It goes almost without saying that this collection was pretty picture perfect.

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