Runway's founder on Vietnam News

Feb 26, 2018

Women Empowerment.
Our founder Tran Thi Hoai Anh and her exclusive interview on Vietnam News, sharing her dreams, thoughts and a bit of empowerment to the new women of 2010s. 

She shared:

"What is your advice for Vietnamese women who want to develop their career but occasionally meet with difficulties?

I started this career out of love for fashion and the desire to share my favourite brands around the world in Việt Nam. But it wasn’t on a whim. I had made a list of my strengths and weaknesses before opening stores to ensure this industry was right for me. So I suggest that all those who wish to become an entrepreneur should do a self-assessment to know if running a business is right for you. In case you are in business already and occasionally face difficulties, sincerely seek help, listen and really try to improve. Because, if you don’t, the market will flush you out."

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